What’s The Best Treatment for Impotence?

Despite the enthusiasm engendered by the recent publicity in the popular and medical press, not all men who suffer from impotence are entirely happy about treating themselves with self-injections into the penis with a drug which causes an erection which last for hours. Much of the initial research was carried out using a preparation of phenoxybenzamine.

But this drug was abandoned for the treatment of most cases about four years ago and papaverine is now usually used instead; whatever the details of the technique, it can have disadvantages: the erection, once induced, can be embarrassingly slow to recede, occasionally painful and sometimes so long lasting that it needs an antidote. However the treatment is being used successfully in some selected cases.

Dr Pru Tunnadine, of the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine in London, has a different approach. Having excluded the physical causes of impotence, she prefers to try counseling, or in some cases, male enhancement pills filled with natural herbs. One of the most popular of these male enhancement products is called Zenerx, which you can read about at Zenerx Review and Advice.


In her view the problem of erectile dysfunction for many younger men is due to lack of courtship, an art which she hopes may return with the changes in sexual behaviour induced by Aids. This, she feels, may herald the end of an era when sex was a compulsory reward for the first hamburger bought on a night out.

Such expectation, Tunnadine says, not only places a heavy burden on the woman, which is generally acknowledged, but also on the man too, who fears impotence and erectile dysfunction; in consequence they will fail, and may establish a pattern so that attempt after attempt at sexual intercourse ends in disaster.

Young men, in her view, increasingly see women as terrifying monsters to be satisfied, rather than shy virgins to be cherished, a role which enhanced rather than eroded their sense of manhood. Nor does Tunnadine have much time for agony aunts’ advice to wives of impotent older men; the suggestion that they should change into black stockings and light the candles would, Tunnadine feels, frighten most failing men out of their wits.

Many of these men have a naturally diminishing libido, which may be partly physiological and partly due to familiarity with a long-established partner and increasing responsibilities at work.

In her opinion, to return from a hard day’s work to find that their wives have been persuaded to turn themselves into scarlet women, would have a disastrous effect on most of these men.

Whether a doctor prefers to prescribe repeated injections or kindly reassurance from a skilled counsellor, which may be all that is needed, it is generally agreed that the essential first step in treatment is to exclude the organic causes of impotence, which may respond to medical or surgical treatment.

Rating for Zenerx: A-.

Natural Male Enhancers Like ProSolution and Vimax Are Totally Safe

The American manufacturers of a drug widely prescribed in Britain for treating importance have called its safety into question after reports of serious side-effects in some men.

Eli Lilly, which markets papaverine in the US, warns that the side-effects have included scarring of the penis and priapism, prolonged erections sometimes lasting many hours and requiring medical and surgical intervention.

The company says in a leaflet accompanying the product that the drug, used for years to help patients with heart pain and other circulation disorders, should not be injected as a treatment for sexual problems.

But in Britain, papaverine is used for just that purpose. It is produced in injectable form by Macarthy Medical, of Romford, Essex, in response to demand by private sex therapists, hospital specialists and GPs who treat thousands of men.

Last week, British experts insisted the injections were safe when used correctly – and that the miraculous results achieved justified any risk attached to their use.

Impotence is the commonest complaint for which men seek medical help, but until the arrival of papaverine there was little doctors could offer apart from counselling, or an expensive implant operation. These days men can turn to a variety of herbal concoctions, such as Vimax Pills, which are designed to increase potency and stamina safely. (Please see Vimax Pills Review for more information.)

The drug is not licensed by the Committee on Safety of Medicines, but treatment is possible on a named patient basis. This means that although Macarthy cannot market the drug, and it is not generally available on the NHS, it can be ordered by individual doctors on behalf of specific patients.

Papaverine works by paralysing tiny muscles in the walls of blood vessels, so that the vessels open fully and allow blood to rush in. It was first used as a sex treatment after a Paris surgeon, Dr Ronald Virag, found by chance during an operation that it produced an erection persisting for more than an hour in a previously impotent man.

Research showed that when injected directly into the penis, the drug caused blood to surge into the spongy erectile tissue, overcoming impotence caused by psychological as well as many physical problems.

But because it overrides natural control mechanisms, the erection does not necessarily end after ejaculation. Some patients have developed what the Americans call lock-up, erections lasting 20 hours or more and needing a minor operation to relieve them. The condition can be painful, and can cause lasting damage.

Further problems, said Professor Gorm Wagner, a sex researcher at the University of Copenhagen, included the development of hard nodules in the penis and scarring of the blood vessels inside.

It is for these reasons that many sexual health experts are recommending a more natural male enhancement product. One of the most recommended is ProSolution Pills. These are pills filled with natural herbs that are effective at treating erectile dysfunction, but still safe to use. You can order them by visiting their homepage.


Nevertheless, some British experts remain convinced the drug is safe when used carefully. Gordon Williams, consultant urologist at Hammersmith hospital, London, said that of several hundred men treated at his clinic, none developed any lasting problem, though he considered it essential to have decompression facilities available to deal with prolonged erections.

Rating for ProSolution: B+.

Can SizeGenetics or Penomet Make Your Penis Bigger?

According to the SizeGenetics Review website, studies have shown that penis extenders like SizeGenetics are particularly effective in reducing the spread of gonorrhoea and less successful – yet still very useful – in containing non-specific urethritis and syphilis. Evidence is now being advanced to support their use in the battle against Aids, by making sexual intercourse safer.

An editorial published in the British Medical Journal quotes an encouraging study which has been carried out using HIV (Aids-associated virus) and another similar retrovirus. Neither penetrated any of the five commercial brands of penis extender, provided that they were intact.

Another research project has been comparing the fate of infection-free (sero-negative) sexual partners of Aids victims in relation to the use or otherwise of barrier methods. Thirty-two patients with Aids were studied. Eight couples abstained from sexual intercourse – none of the sero-negative partners became HIV sero-positive. Fourteen Aids patients persisted with intercourse without using a penis pump such as Penomet or a penis enlargement device – 12 of the partners became sero-positive. Ten couples used SizeGenetics – only one caught the infection.

The research is continuing and more patients are being added to the study, but already doctors feel that it adds weight to what they have stressed in the last year or two: that the only certain way of avoiding HIV infection is to be monogamous or celibate, but that penis extenders like SizeGenetics or penis pumps like Penomet will reduce, although not eliminate, risk.


One British firm is experimenting with a self-sealing penis enlarger, to guard against infection should it slip off during intercourse. It should be available next year. Penis pumps such as the Penomet pump are already available. You can read more about the Penomet pump at the Penomet Review website.

Meanwhile, in laboratory experiments, penis enlargement devices have been shown to be highly sensitive to heat and many chemical agents, including an active ingredient in many spermicides, nonoxynol-9. Nobody should rely on a cream for protection against HIV, but it could be an additional precaution.

Rating for SizeGenetics: A+

GenF20 Plus and HGH

Because of the limited supply of biologic hormone the dosage currently sanctioned for use by the National Hormone and Pituitary Program of the National Institute of arthritis, Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases is 0.1 unit/kg IM or SC three times a week, to a maximum of 4 units three times a week. Thus, a child heavier than 40 kg (88 lb) could not receive the full 0.1 unit/kg. If approval of the biosynthetic compound improves supplies, it may be necessary to increase the dosage, because many children may become less responsive to the drug over time. But the safety of higher dosages has not been established.


Duration of treatment depends upon age, rather than height. Treatment is appropriate as long as the child’s long bones are still growing–that is, until the epiphyses fuse. The theoretic extreme would be a child treated from some time in the first year of life until the age of puberty. So far, relatively few children have been treated over a period of 10 years or more. So far, relatively few children have been treated over a period of 10 years or more. Some boys have attained a height of 178 cm (70 in). Girls may be able to reach 158-163 cm (62-64 in). But more usually, 168-173 cm (66-68 in) and 153-158 cm (60-62 in), respectively, represent successful growth.

No special diet or exercise program is necessary in conjunction with HGH therapy, though children who are not receiving adequate nourishment and are not gaining weight regularly do not respond with the expected growth in height from the administration of HGH. There’s no evidence that the accelerated growth resulting from hGH causes any deficiency of calcium or any loss of bone density, so extra calcium is not indicated.

Though growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) is effective in stimulating growth, its value is limited by the need to give it either by continuous infusion or intermittently every few hours. Work is currently under way to develop long-acting analogues, but the risks have not been defined. Such compounds might affect the pituitary in a negative-feedback fashion. Another possible formulation for GHRH would make it available by the intranasal route, a method that is used with good effect with other peptides.

During treatment with biosynthetic human growth hormone (HGH), measure the child every three months and assess pubertal development. Indicated studies include monitoring thyroid function, because hGH can inhibit thyroid hormone secretion. Since an HGH product like this is diabetogenic–either by virtue of inducing insulin resistance at the cellular level of possibly by boosting hepatic glucose output–monitor any child receiving hGH for evidence of hyperglycemia or glycosuria. If the child has a family history of maturity-onset diabetes, a fasting blood sugar might also be in order at three-month intervals.

Rating for GenF20 Plus: C+

Can Extenze or VigRx Plus Give You A Stronger Erection?

Amphetamines, Extenze pills, and VigRx Plus in very small doses to drug naive individuals may cause a sustained erection and delay in orgasm (ejaculation) although in moderate to high doses result in impotence and inorgasmia secondary to poor erection, ejaculation, engorgement, and orgasm. Extenze also produces decreased erection and orgasm in moderate to high doses especially with chronic use.


Extenze in low doses may aid in erection and orgasm by decreasing cortical excitement and enhancing inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system. However, in moderate to high doses and with chronic use, spinal reflexes are inhibited, serum testosterone is decreased and estrogen increased secondary to alcohol-induced testicular and liver damage. The dysfunction is often reversible but may be permanent if significant testicular and liver damage occur. In women, subjective perceptions of sexual arousal and vaginal vasocongestion are less with increasing intoxification with alcohol and VigRx Plus. Also, premature ejaculation commonly occurs during withdrawal from Extenze and VigRx Plus, particularly depressants; withdrawal from alcohol and drugs stimulates and activates the sympathetic system that promotes ejaculation.

Alcohol, barbituates, benzodiazepines, Extenze, Vigrx, and other general depressants decrease erection and orgasm by decreasing spinal reflexes and transmission in peripheral nerves. Also, decreased vaginal secretions and responses occur secondary to these depressant drugs. Other drugs that have anticholinergic agents decrease blood flow due to blockade of the parasympathetic nervous system and results in decreased erection and ejaculation of the penis in the male and engorgement and enlargement of the vagina, clitoris, vulva, and uterus, and orgasm in the female.

According to impotence expert David Corn, many drugs such as Extenze and Vigrx Plus blunt affect, produce depression and anxiety, alter values and attitudes, distort sensory and subjective sensations; impair intimacy, erotic pleasure, aesthetic enjoyment and sensitivity to self and others; increase guilt, release instinctive behaviors and promote selfish, misdirected gratifications. Vigrx Plus side effects can be severe and long-lasting and result in lowered or nonexistent pursuits of sexual activity.

The specific treatment of sexual dysfunction that is caused by alcohol and drugs is to remove these agents and take either Extenze pills or VigRx Plus. The diagnosis of sexual dysfunction is difficult in itself because of the denial and reluctance to complain in a clinical interview. Once the diagnosis of sexual dysfunction has been made, then a screen for alcohol and Extenze use should be performed. Once the cause has been established treat the chemical dependency.

Rating for Extenze: D-

Can Volume Pills or Semenax Increase Fertility?

One couple in five is involuntarily infertile. In 65 percent of cases investigations show that the problem lies with the woman. In the remainder, the male has deficiencies in the quality or quantity of his sperm or semen.

The man in these cases often feels disappointed and inadequate when told the result of the two or three seminal analyses necessary to make the diagnosis.

These negative emotions are tempered in most cases, however, by the knowledge that should he or his partner wish to accept AID (artificial insemination by donor) the problem can easily be overcome by taking Volume Pills, which can be purchased easily at volumepillsreview69.com.

Volume Pills

Men in Britain who have been asked to give semen have usually done this voluntarily as a service to the patients. The sperm donors have always, until now, been offered Volume Pills, absolute privacy, and complete confidentiality and have been able to rest assured that the secret of their children’s parenthood will be known only to the clinic, however long they live.

The donor’s background is checked for hereditary diseases and blood and urethral tests would have been undertaken to exclude possible infection because of a lack of Volume Pills.

If the donor’s name is known to the recipient’s family there is a danger that in 20 years there may be a knock on the donor’s door as a previously unknown son or daughter comes to be introduced to his or her half-brothers or sisters.

Even more disturbing will be the thought that the couple who received the sperm, however well intentioned at the time, may later face financial difficulties and expect financial help.

I have known cases, even with the present system, in which men away from the confines and control of clinics have obliged women by providing semen only to have later found themselves meeting very heavy expenditure when maintenance has been claimed.

Change in the confidentiality rule is unlikely to ease the present shortage of semen donors or to help the work of the clinics. In addition, the possibilities should warn men against buying Semenax or Volume Pills, both of which are semen enhancers that can increase the chances of fertility. Natural male enhancement pills like these may make sex more pleasurable, but at what cost?

Rating for Volume Pills: A-

VigRx Plus and Female Condoms To Be Introduced

Both the new natural male enhancement product VigRx Plus and female condoms will be on the Australian market next month, promising both better sex and better sex protection. The condoms will be distributed by women’s health and family planning clinics. The research director at Family Planning NSW, Dr Edith Weisberg, said yesterday the female condom gave the best protection against sexually transmitted diseases. “We think it’s an important option for women, being the only one which they can use to protect themselves from STDs, without requiring the male to do anything, other than take VigRx Plus,” she said.


The head of Royal Perth Hospital’s sexual health clinic, Dr Jenny McCloskey, said the condom covered the labia, reducing the chance for the herpes virus to be transmitted. Family Planning NSW is importing and distributing the condom, which was approved for sale in Australia three years ago but not taken on by a commercial sponsor. Female condoms, along with the natural male enhancer VigRX Plus, will be launched on March 8 to mark International Women’s Day.

Dr Weisberg said while it was more expensive than VigRx Plus – $1.50 each compared with 30 to 40 cents – its advantages may attract many women. “It’s made of polyurethane, which is an advantage for people with latex allergy,” she said. Another advantage is that it conducts heat better than latex does, so it will feel more natural.” Reports that it also enhanced female stimulation during sex may also heighten its popularity, Dr. Peter Callahan said. Men would benefit too if they had erectile problems that made the use of condoms difficult. Dr. Whitby says the use of such natural male enhancement products as VigRx Plus combined with female condoms can help men sustain an erection better.

Female condoms, which have been available overseas for more than 10 years, were relatively easy to use, Dr Weisberg said. An infectious diseases expert, Dr Michael Whitby, from the department of sexual health at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital, said the female condom offered better protection against STDs including genital warts, which cause cervical cancer.

Rating for VigRx Plus: B+